SJPS Spotlight on Excellence: Chad Rehmann

Chad Rehmann, St. Johns High School class of 1999

Chad Rehmann, 1999

Film composer Chad Rehmann is one of several recent St. Johns High School graduates who are continuing to gain national and international recognition in music, theatre and the fine arts. Chad's compositions have received multiple awards and honors including the ASCAP Foundation David Rose Centennial Award, Turner Classic Movies Young Film Composer Competition Finalist, and the National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts Award. Since his graduation in 2003 from Michigan State University with a degree in composition and music theory, Chad and his family have lived and worked in California.

How did your education at SJPS influence your career choice and life direction?
The diversity of opportunities present in the St. Johns Public School system allowed me to explore and find my calling. Having the chance to play sports, take challenging classes, act and sing in musicals, and perform music in various venues helped me to zero in on where my talents lie. I believe that this discovery and subsequent early focus was instrumental is preparing me for my career.

Who are several teachers or staff who had a positive impact on your life?
Bill Tennant is, without a doubt, the man who continues to inspire and support me in my career. To say that he went beyond what was expected of him as an educator would be an understatement. Pursuing the career path that I had chosen was not an easy decision. Apart from the obvious anxieties of financial stability and moving across the country at such a young age, the biggest cloud hanging over me was the question of, "Can I actually do this?" Bill Tennant didn't just believe that I could achieve my dream, he knew it without a shadow of a doubt. Having that kind of support, along with the education that SJPS provided, continues to be a crucial part of any milestone that I achieve.

What SJPS academic, athletics and activities help to promote "excellence" in your career?
The variety of performance options available in the band, orchestra, and theatre department helped give me a well-rounded musical education that served me well in college. While some schools are limited in their offerings, the ever expanding opportunities in the arts that were made available to me helped shape me as a composer and musician.

How did your education at SJPS shape you as a person; broaden your horizons; promote "excellence" in your daily life?
Having a faculty and environment that both supports and challenges you is critical to anyone's success. SJPS provided that structure, as did the St. Johns community as a whole. I feel truly blessed to have such an amazing support system back in my hometown. No matter where my career takes me, I'll always be a Redwing, and for that I am truly grateful!

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