Mini-Grant Application

The Foundation for Excellence and the St. Johns School Board are cooperatively providing funding for professional staff mini-grants designed to promote positive programs, which will create a climate of excellence for the students, faculty and staff of the St. Johns Public Schools.

Grants will be awarded in amounts ranging from $50 to $500.  These funds should be directed toward projects not fundable through the normal budget process, but which would provide valuable support for improved student achievement and learning experience.

The Foundation is preparing to launch a new category of grant for small sums and quick decisions on a rolling basis, first-come first served. This will be called a micro-grant. Look for details to follow and plan to seize the moment when enthusiasm is surging after conference, movie or book that inspires you.

All mini-grant proposals will be reviewed by the E.A.C. with recommendations for approval based on the criteria listed below. Please address the most relevant aspects of these in the narrative. 

  • benefit to student achievement
  • equity
  • curriculum support
  • reasonable goal
  • need
  • appropriate materials
  • creativity
  • appropriate methods of evaluation
  • appropriateness of project methods
  • overall project appeal

 A Final Report summary is due within three (3) months of implementing the project.

--  Please note that we will not process requests during the period of May-July. --

Describe the educational need you would like to address with this grant.
Describe the project including methods, time lines and expected outcomes.
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